[Maneater]Tips and tricks on how to fight each enemy!


Good evening, I'm Milpirika.

In this article, I would like to explain how to deal with each enemy.
If you learn the tips, I think you will find the battle much easier.



How to do battle

There are three main types of opponents to fight in Maneater, as follows:

  • Creatures in the water
  • Human with a weapon
  • Boats and battleships themselves

Each of these has a different way and a different place for the enemy to attack you, and you fight in a different way.

Whether this approach is the right one or not, there may be a better way to fight, but I personally believe it is the basic way to attack, so I hope you will find it helpful.


Creatures in the water


You basically move sideways through the water against any creature, occasionally diving to go under, and you should wait for the enemy's attack and try to counter.


Basis is lateral movement


Occasionally moves down


This is recommended because this way you can observe only the enemy's movements without lifting to the surface of the water.

Often you have the problem that when you are swimming you touch the surface of the water and go into Knifing mode, which makes you completely blind in the water and you take damage from the enemy.

If you stand around in the way I just taught you, you can solve this problem and you will not be frustrated by the controls and you will be less likely to die.



Attack behavior of organisms


  • Tailwhip(至近距離の時によく行う)
  • 小Bite
  • 大Bite(大技)



Most of the attacking behaviors of underwater creatures are of the following three types,
with damage rates of Small Bite < Tailwhip < Big Bite.

  • Tailwhip (often performed at close range)
  • Small Bite (often performed at close range)
  • Big Bite (large technique)

Be especially careful with the Big Bite, which is a big move. If you are bitten, you will be unable to move for a while.
If this happens, you can quickly release the enemy's bite by using the camera stick to move around.

Although it is a powerful technique, when you perform the Big Bite, the preliminary movement is different from normal, so watch the timing before avoiding it.
If you miss the big bite, a gap will be created and the enemy's entire body will glow orange.



This opening gives us a chance to attack.


If you attack during this time, all damage is doubled, so use the camera to catch the enemy exactly and chase and attack.
You can Bite the enemy about 3 times.


You do more damage than usual when you counter an enemy.


You can also Thrash (continuous attack with bite) when your level is the same as or higher than the enemy's.


If you have the Evolutions Equipment Bio-Electric Teeth on, it is recommended that your enemies will be electrocuted while you are biting them.

Remember the big bite move and you will be at an advantage in both offense and defense, so definitely keep it in mind.



Human with a weapon

There are also two types of Humans as follows:

  • Hunters on boats
  • Divers hunters who are underwater

It is really easy to get around, and as long as you can bite any hunter, the hunter will not attack you and you will be neutralized.



Biting a hunter can neutralize him.



Human Aggression Behavior

There are two types of hunters on boats and battleships:

  • Hunters with guns
  • Hunters who throw bombs

In addition, hunters with guns have various types of guns,
There are regular types, rapid-fire types, shotgun types, and sniper types.

Especially, shotgun and sniper types lose all their strength at once when they take damage, so you should be careful with them.


To avoid bullets, while the hunter is aiming at your shark, a sight will appear on the shark, and the gun will fire when the "O" on the sight gets smaller and smaller and disappears.
If you avoid the shot at that time, you will not be hit.



If you can evade, you will hardly be hit by bullets.

Also, if you are on the boat the hunter will attack you by hitting you.
When you are attacked you are knocked back and pushed out to sea. The damage from the beating is higher than from a gun.
If you stay on the boat too long, you will only suffer, so return to the sea as soon as possible.


Hunters who throw bombs will throw bombs at you.
There are three types of bombs: dynamite, grenades, and cylinders, all of which will explode after a certain period of time.
Grenades and bombs can be grabbed by biting on them, and can also be thrown at the enemy with a whipshot.
Only dynamite cannot be grabbed and explodes the moment it is touched.


The way to prey on Humans who are carrying weapons is first you go to the surface and after one or two jumps you perform a bite towards the Human.



If there is a bite icon on the hunter at this time, It will automatically bite toward that hunter and you do not need to make any fine adjustments.



Note, however, that you must jump higher than the boat or you will bite against the boat when you bite and not against the human.



Boats and battleships themselves

Boats and battleships do not need to be destroyed by force, but if humans are caged inside the battleship and cannot be preyed upon, or if you want to destroy the roof of a boat to prey on humans, you must attack and destroy it.

Basically, it is attacked and destroyed by Ramming (Lunge, avoidance over water).



Battleship Attack Behavior

Hunters on boats and battleships are also troublesome, but there are two types of boats and battleships themselves that will attack you as follows

  • The type that fires torpedoes
  • The type that attaches an electric shield.

If a torpedo is fired, you have no way to prevent it except by avoiding it, but as for the electric shield, it will disappear if you attack and destroy the protrusions under the boat.




How was it?
I hope this page has been helpful.

Up until now, the game did not provide any detailed explanations, so you were probably fighting the enemy without really understanding what was going on. But now that you have read this page, you should be fine.

See you soon!

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