[Maneater]How to raise your Infamy Rank and boss fight summary!


Good evening, I'm Milpirika.


In this article, I will explain how the Infamy Rank bosses in Maneater work and the strategy for each boss.
The basics will be easier to fight once you know the tricks, so learn how to fight them.



Overview of the strategy as a whole

In the first half to the middle of the rank, bite the boss and prey on it; in the latter half of the rank, destroy the boss by breaking the entire boat.

No matter how strong the enemy's weapons are, there are many situations where you can neutralize the boss by biting him, so you can advance all the way up to rank 5 even at the beginning of the story at Dead Horse Lake.

However, in the latter half of the game, you need to attack the boss by boat, and the attacks become more intense, so it will be tough if you are not well equipped.


How to raise the gauge of Infamy Rank

To raise your Infamy Rank, you must attack nearby humans to raise your Threat Gauge.

When the threat gauge reaches its maximum, three boats carrying hunters will appear and attack the sharks.
Defeating the hunters on those boats will raise the gauge for the Infamy Rank.

However, in the latter half of the rank, the Infamy Rank does not increase even if only hunters are killed, and it will not increase unless the entire boat with hunters is destroyed.

Therefore, you should prey only on hunters in the first half and destroy the boat in the second half.


Preparation as Evolution equipment

Below is the Evolution equipment needed to defeat each boss.
You don't need to have all of them, but in the latter half of the game, you will need a set of bones because you want to increase the damage against vehicles.

Evolutionary PartEvolutionary Equipment
Teeth・Bio-Electric Teeth
Head・Bone Head
Body・Bone Body
Fins・Bone Fins
Tail・Bone Tail
Organ 1・Advanced Sonar
Organ 2・Mineral Digestion
Organ 3・Fat Digestion

Only the teeth are Bio-Electric, the rest of the equipment consists of Bone, all of which can be obtained simply by progressing through the story.

The basic movement is to attack by ramming (body slamming with evasive maneuvers on the water toward boats and bosses).



Infamy Rank Boss List

Rank 1, against Bayou Willy


Reward: Bio-Electric Teeth


This is the first boss you will fight.

Even though it is a boss, it is easy to defeat; you accomplish this by jumping from the surface of the water, biting the boss and dragging it into the sea.


The boss is unprotected.


It doesn't require much trickery, as long as the red Bite icon is present, it will automatically bite the boss.




It depends on the boss, but if you drag the boss into the sea, sometimes your rank will increase even if the boss is not dead.


The struggling boss's hands are pathetic.


I will now show you how to defeat the bosses up to Rank 5, all of which can be done in the same way as I have just described.



Rank2, against Bobbie Bojangles


Reward: Hearty


The boss will resist with a machine gun, but you can quickly defeat him by jumping and pulling him off the boat with your bite.





Rank3, against Pookie Paul


Reward: Mineral Digestion

The boss will resist with a shot gun, but omitted below.

This boss must be reduced to 0 strength for Infamy Runk to increase




Rank4, against Candyman Curtis


Reward: Adrenal Gland

This boss attacks by throwing bombs, but omitted below.



He throw bombs at you, you bite the boss, no problem.



Rank5, against Tyler Dixon


Reward: Bio-Electric Fins

This boss comes with a sniper rifle, but omitted below.



Rank6, against Butcher Boy Brady


Reward: Bio-Electric Body

This boss will use bombs.

Starting with the Rank 6 boss, the boat now has a roof over it so you can no longer bite the humans as easily.



You may attack the boat to some extent and the roof will break and you may destroy the boat as it is, or you may bite him.

In the story, the clear condition is to defeat up to this boss.


If you attack the boat, it will be bare, as in the image above.


Now all we have to do is drag him into the sea in the usual way and we'll accomplish it.



Rank7, against LT. Shannon Sims


Reward: Mutagen Digestion

This boss also attacks you in a covered boat.

If you destroy the whole boat or attack it to some extent, only the upper roof will break and you can bite her.



Rank8, against Mama Maybelle


Reward: Bio-Electric Tail

For some reason, this boss comes aboard a jet boat, not a combat boat.



The bosses from this boss onward will have difficulty destroying only the top of the boat, so the boat itself must be destroyed.


With your Bone equipment on, you should be ramming while evading towards the boat.


You achieve rank if you break the boat



Rank9, against CDR. Percy Metcalf


Reward: Bio-Electric Head


From this point on, the boss will be on a combat boat, making it impossible to bite the boss, so equip yourself for destroying the boat.

The boat is equipped with an electric shield, which gradually damages you as you approach.


Finally, the enemy is getting serious.


The way to break the electric shield is to attack directly at the protrusion of the electric shield under the boat.

However, you do not have to do that if you evade and ramming towards the boat,
You can destroy the boat without taking that much electrical damage, so I don't think you need to worry about it.

You don't care about electricity; just keep rushing into the boat.



Rank10, against CAPT. Robert Brunlett


Reward: Brutal Muscles


This boss also attacks in a combat boat and is equipped with an electric shield.
However, it is almost the same as rank 9, just at a higher level.

So, equip the bone fins as usual and evade and destroy them by heading for the boat.

Finally achieved!





How was it?
I hope this page has been helpful.

See you soon!

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