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Good evening, I'm Milpirika.


I have created a comprehensive strategy page for MANEATER,

I hope you find this article useful.



Overview of MANEATER Strategy Page

On this page,

This is a general strategy page with strategies and explanations for each MANEATER.

Each item is linked to the other,
If you want to know the contents or are curious about them, please take a look.

Also, please take a peek at the other Q&A for useful and detailed information.



Explanation of each operation

This page contains a list of how to operate and the names of the operations.
If you have forgotten the tutorial or want to do some detailed operations, this is the place to go.

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Tips and tricks on how to fight each enemy

This page presents each of the combat methods, which are divided into anti-human, anti-creature, and anti-vehicle.

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Story Chart and Walkthougth Points

This page contains a story chart with chapters in chronological order.
If there is a particularly challenging part of the story to play, we will present the strategy.



How to raise your Infamy Rank and boss fight summary

This page shows you how to raise your Infamy Rank and how to attack Infamy Rank boss fights.

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Evolution (Equipment) Performance and Recommended Evolution

This page provides details on shark evolution (equipment), the materials needed to strengthen it, and how to obtain it.

In addition, recommended evolution is introduced.

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The evolution added to the DLC "Truth Quest" and recommended evolution can be found on the page below.

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How to level up sharks and earn each nutrient

This page shows you how to level up your sharks and earn more nutrition faster.

Basically, in MANEATER,
"Current Level ≈ Amount of Nutrition Earned."

So if you don't have enough nutrition to use to evolve your equipment, or if you don't have enough level of sharks, please go here.



Map of each item and how to obtain it

This page shows the location of items in each area.
Items that are difficult to get (such as some license plates) are also introduced.

Also, not only normal maps,
We have also included underground maps such as tunnels for your reference.

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DLC "Truth Quest" Walkthrough list

The DLC "Truth Quest" has been released and what content has been added is summarized here.


It also includes a Story Chart and a summary of additional equipment.





Other detailed FAQ

Q1. What should I do if the game gradually becomes heavy and slow during shark operations?

A1. Open the menu screen and switch to the "equipment screen" to get back to normal.


Q2: How can I reset the system if the operation becomes slow while operating the map?

A2. Return to the normal operation screen and reopen the map screen.


Q3. How do I open a gate that is closed?

A3. There is a red button above the gate.
However, the gate button can only be opened from the central area of the map.

Go to the central area on the Caviar Key side,
Send a fish nearby with a "whip shot," then press the button,
or send a long-range attack and press the button to open it.


Q4. Is there a way for sharks to move faster when moving on land?

A4. If you hit the bite button repeatedly on land, you can move fast and very comfortable.

If you hit the button repeatedly, it will be as fast as swimming underwater, or maybe a little slower.

So, even if the place you want to move to is a long way underwater, it may be faster to move on land.
It is good to remember this because it is comfortable once you get used to it.



I hope this page will help you in your strategy.

See you soon!

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