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In this article, we will show you the location and map of each item in Maneater.
We will also explain how to get the item when it is in a difficult location.

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Location and map of each item

The locations of items are colored to make it easier to see where they are located.

Also, the gorotto within the iron grating is like a maze, but it is translucent green and roughly indicated.
If there is a fork up or down in the gorotto, it is a different color, red or yellow.



Fawtick Bayou


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  • Landmarks → 10
  • Nutrient Cache (Treasure Chests) → 17
  • Collection (License Plate) → 10
  • Hunt → 4



Dead Horse Lake


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  • Landmarks → 10
  • Nutrient Cache (Treasure Chests) → 14
  • Collection (License Plate) → 10
  • Hunt→ 4
  • Revenge → 4


Golden Shores


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  • Landmarks → 8
  • Nutrient Cache (Treasure Chests) → 17
  • Collection (License Plate) → 10
  • Hunt → 4
  • Revenge → 4


Sapphire Bay


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  • Landmarks → 8
  • Nutrient Cache (Treasure Chests) → 19
  • Collection (License Plate) → 10
  • Hunt → 4
  • Revenge → 4


Prosperity Sands


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  • Landmarks → 10
  • Nutrient Cache (Treasure Chests) → 12
  • Collection (License Plate) → 10
  • Hunt → 4
  • Revenge → 4


Caviar Key


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  • Landmarks → 8
  • Nutrient Cache (Treasure Chests) → 13
  • Collection (License Plate) → 10
  • Hunt → 4
  • Revenge → 4


The Gulf


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  • Landmarks → 9
  • Nutrient Cache (Treasure Chests) → 21
  • Collection (License Plate) → 10
  • Hunt → 4
  • Revenge → 4


Crawfish Bay


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  • Landmarks → 10
  • Nutrient Cache (Treasure Chests) → 10

In the Episode 1 - Surf and Turf stage, items cannot be acquired as it is also a tutorial.



Explanation of each item and icon

Each item and icon will be explained.
It will also explain how to get the items and tips.



"Landmarks" exist in places that are a bit like tourist attractions, both on land and in the water.

The orange sign is a Landmark, and when the shark Bite or Teilwhip, the Landmark is broken and treated as a "Landmark collected".


This orange sign is a landmark.


Most of the landmarked areas are human structures or wreckage, and the narrator explains each time a landmark is destroyed.

When you deactivate it, you will get protein, fat, minerals, and other nutrients.
You also get experience, so if you find one, you should disarm it.


The following rewards will be given for unlocking all the landmarks in the area:

  • "Protein Digestion" in the first area (the Fawtick Bayou)
  • "Shadow Series" in the middle area
  • "Brutal Muscles" in the last area (The Gulf)

"Protein Digestion" in particular is an internal evolution that can be obtained at the very beginning of the game, so it can be equipped quickly,
"Brutal Muscles" is a strong item that can easily gain damage resistance at the end of the game, so it is recommended to get it.



Nutrient Cache

The game says "Nutrient Cache", but I think you would be more comfortable with "Treasure Chests".

All of the treasure chest locations are almost always underwater, especially if you enter the grotto through the bars.
It looks like a coldbox and you can get the contents by Bite or Tailwhip.


Nutrient Cache (Treasure Chests)


Here, as in the other Collectibles, nutrition is available, but what makes it different from the other Collectibles is the availability of "mutagen".

In Maneater, there is almost no way to obtain this Mutagen, except by preying on albino types or obtaining treasure chests.

Basically, if you see one, be sure to destroy it to replenish your nutritional needs. If you collect treasure chests, you can accumulate enough Mutagen without preying on albinos.



License Plates

License plates are both underwater and on land, floating and rotating in the air.


This is what it looks like up close


This license plate can be obtained by Bite, and you also get nutrition as a reward for obtaining it.

The location of the license plate varies, but is a bit tricky for the following locations:

  • If it is high in the air
  • If it is located far from land


If it is high in the air


These are license plates in high places like this.


If you want to get a license plate in a high place, you must have a growth stage of "adult" or higher as a preparation,
It will be difficult to get it unless you can jump twice in the air.

The procedure for acquiring the product is as follows.

  1. Breaching (Lunge jump from underwater to air)
  2. Jump
  3. Jump
  4. Bite

First, tilt the shark at an angle of about 60° from where the license plate is located.



It will swim straight and then breach and then jump twice.

You will see the Bite icon after that, so do the bite and it will automatically move forward to the license plate and jump on it.

As an important point, it is better not to move the Move Stick at all from the moment it comes to the surface.

If you move the stick, the shark moves in the water, but in the air, the shark rotates up and down, and the body rotates as it does, causing the jump to go in an unexpected direction. (If you are familiar with the controls, you can fine-tune them by rotating the shark in the air.)

Detailed operations are also explained below.

[Maneater]Explanation of each operation!


Therefore, if you want to get a license plate, it would be better to decide on the angle when you swim and then jump, so you don't have to do any extra maneuvering.



If it is located far from land


If the license plate is far from land or in a place that cannot be jumped over due to bridges in the way, the only way to proceed is to go up on land.

In preparation, the growth stage should be raised as much as possible, and it will be much easier if you add "Amphibious" in Organs Evolution.


If you want to move forward on land, hitting Bite repeatedly will allow you to move forward on land faster than jumping or moving forward normally.

This is not only a way to get a license plate, but it would be useful to learn the controls as a way to move on land.


Anyway, Bite all over the place and move forward.



As you can see in the picture above, in this case, you have to climb up on both ends to get it.

So you can get it by moving forward with Bite and climbing up the stepped part by jumping.




The icon that looks like a sight is "Hunt".

This is not an item but a subquest to destroy the designated creature. If you defeat the creature, you will be rewarded with nutrition and experience.
The creature is given a name such as "Hunted~. It has a higher level and more physical strength than normal creatures.


This will be the target of Hunt





The shark fin-like symbol is the Revenge icon, which is a subquest to prey on about 10 humans.

There is a quest to attack humans in the storyline as well, but the content is all the same.

There is nothing in particular to be aware of, but the fact that you are counted at the stage of defeating a human even if you do not prey on him or her, and that if a human with a Revenge icon on him or her runs far away from that location, the Revenge icon on top will disappear and defeating that human will not be counted.




How was it?
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I have tried to make the maze on the Grotto map as clear as possible.

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